Amies & Clements

Theotography - Natalie Thorn

Theotography – Natalie Thorn

We officially formed the partnership AMIES & CLEMENTS in 2014 but we have been working together closely over the last 7 years. We met whilst studying at the University of Southampton and have been writing, performing and producing shows together ever since, covering over 20 different projects in that time. Earlier this year our work was featured in the British Musical Futures: A Night of New Writing Hosted by Stiles and Drewe at St. James theatre.

We are currently working on our new show Tomorrow, Maybe, an immersive, site-specific musical set and staged in an independent coffee shop. The show has been in the workshop process for the last year, and the first draft has already had a successful run in Romsey earlier this year. We are currently working on the second draft after audience and cast feedback, and will run a second workshop early 2016 before staging a full production at the Edinburgh Fringe.

We are also writing a bespoke musical, Blueprints, for the Vocal and Choral students at the University of Winchester where we are teaching their performance project module. The course has a variety of vocal styles and we are enjoying the challenge of writing for such an exciting but diverse group of voices. As part of the course we have also covered workshops in the process of writing a musical, and its early stages of development before it’s first public outing.

We have quite a unique partnership and do not follow the traditional music/lyric split as you often see in new musical writing. Stephanie writes the music and lyrics, and Teddy writes additional music, edits and expands on the songs including arrangements and orchestrations. We have a very strong working relationship, fuelled by a close friendship and an unrelenting passion for new musical theatre. We have no doubt that the next 7 years will be as good as the last!

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